Thundersport Round 2 – Donington Park: A blog from Lewis

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Hi this is Lewis here to give you all an update on my weekend at Donington Park.

We set off on the Friday and got down there about tea time and got set up ready for Saturday’s practice. Went out on practice and were doing good times. We were in the top 4 on the track that day and my times were getting better as the weather was improving.

Sunday morning came and we were out for qualifying where I got 4th on the grid for the 650′s. Next I went out to qualify for the 450′s and on the 3rd or 4th lap as I was overtaking, someone hit me from the back and the bike just chucked me off. As I hit the ground someone ran over me and all I can remember is being hit.

I don’t know if I was knocked out for a bit as I can’t remember a thing. I was taken to the medical centre and the doctor asked me a number of things and I just was sitting in a daze as I seemingly kept asking my Dad “where am I?” and “why are we here?”. Nothing made sense to me and I ended up getting really emotional. The doctor signed me off for the day saying I was concussed and that I wasn’t fit to race and to report to him next day to see if I would be fit to race on the Monday. If this has happened to anyone you will know what I’m taking about as it was really scary.

Monday came and after a good night’s rest I was up ready to go but it all depended on the doctors and what they said. I was given the all clear. As I missed all the races on the Sunday, I had to start at the back of the grid in both races, so Tosh and Dad told me to treat it like a practice and get my head focused. I got a 10th in the first race,11th in the second race, third race I got 10th and in my last race got 8th. In that race I took 2 seconds off my lap times. We were really happy with the day’s racing after all we had gone through on the Sunday.

The day’s racing finished at 6pm and we got packed up and headed home getting in just before midnight. When I was home I had a wee think to myself that we didn’t do well, but I got points and finished the races and got home in one piece – and that’s what racing is all about. Every time is different and you can never tell what’s going to happen.

So here’s to the 13th/14th April at East Fortune. I would like to say thanks to Lee from the young riders fund for coming along and for the box of goodies. It was good that he could come along. Remember anyone who makes it to the races, pop in and say hi to us. Everyone is welcome!!
I will update you on how I get on at the next meeting.